Our Capacities

Modern warehouses are a prerequisite of good product placement!

AC Beška agriculture as a purchaser of agricultural products has a well-developed system of the storage in a controlled, optimum conditions, with drying if necessary.

Grains are one of the key basic foods and is a special attention to their cleaning, drying, transport vehicles, storage and control.

Through constant checking of the quality of stored goods and monitoring of grains, there is  risks of losses during storage.


The system silos and dryers are made of the most quality materials and are used in modern technological procedures. Receiving place has an intake hopper, sculpture platform, conveyors (chain, spiral, tape), Redler, bucket elevators, cleaners and aspirators. An input unit, drying and storage of grain are designed as technological units with all necessary systems.

Total capacity of the silo storage is 26,400 tons (3.300 x 8 cell t)

Silos possess two Intake hopper: a capacity of 100 tons / h, the second with 80 tons / h for the engagement of agricultural products from the truck and trailer when the statue.

The device for the transport of goods – horizontal conveyors Redler – elevators with capacity of 100 mt / h

AC Beška agriculture has two warehouses for grains produced by the technology of American company Canamera. It is the most modern system in which with the telephone can be monitor moisture and also manage the entire warehouse. These are the first two warehouses of this kind in Europe. The point is in their modularity and the ability to move to various locations and with it they are not needed building permit. The essence of technology make the films that are produced in Canamera factory in the United States and these are foils that have been patented in ways that are resistant to fungi, rodents and all the extreme weather conditions. Storage space on this system is 2 x 1200 tonnes.


Grains before storage must be adequately prepared. Quality storage could only be secured with an adequate preparation. Alone prepared grains are passing through the following stages: entry, rough cleaning, drying, fine cleaning.

  • The average capacity for the dryer 40 tons / h (allows to dry large quantities of grains to season purchase)


Using GRANIFRIGOR process of cold storage of grain effectively prevent losses that result from mold growth and insect activity. Because of its structure and surface area as small heat conductivity, grains offer ideal conditions for the cooling process. When the grain is cool, it stays cold for a long period.

Refrigerator GRANIFRIGOR brings many advantages that must be taken into account in terms of economic efficiency:

  • Long term storage without the risk of loss of quality
  • Anti-feeding insects and their reproduction
  • Protection of molds and their mycotoxins
  • Avoiding expensive and uneconomic chemical treatment
  • Preserving the harvest freshness
  • Preserving the quality of germination
  • Smaller drying costs
  • Reduced numbers of damaged grains

Cooling may be carried out independently of the weather conditions

The Scale

Weigh scales are classified as significant elements in terms of simplifying the logistics and technological processes.

The scale is intended to measure the vehicle with or without the trailer, with or without the burden of a maximum weight of 60 tons.

The scale has a controller and display of measurement results.