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Purchase and trade of grains

AC Beška agriculture is collecting and trading agricultural products, such as:

  • White corn (intended for human consumption)
  • Yellow maize (devoted to livestock feed)
  • Wheat
  • Sunflower
  • Barley
  • Soybean

Store grains based on the wholesale market, with competitive prices in relation to the environment. Also, the grain trade is done by contracting the amount and quality of grains, before production!

Quality control

The quality of our business we aim to preserve and improve the quality of goods we store. Quality monitoring during the reception, storage and during shipment of grain includes all the necessary technical – technological measures to preserve and improve the quality of stored goods.

Quality assurance provides the appropriate certificates of accredited laboratories with which we have excellent cooperation.


AC Beška agriculture organizes agricultural production, providing our farmers the best quality raw materials (fertilizers, seeds, and plant protection products), leading domestic and foreign manufacturers: Bayer, BASF, Adam, Galenika, DuPont, Agrosava, Syngenta, Pioneer, Dekalb, KWS, ZP hybrids, NS hybrids, Raiffeisen hybrids, Jara …

The purpose of breeding partnerships with our agricultural producers and representatives of companies that distribute materials, organize presentations whose main goal is training in the application of mineral fertilizers, as well as benefit from the proper application of agro-technical measures.


AC Beška agriculture enables theirs clients the organization of transport of agricultural products through a network of partner transport companies and the most economical way along with fast and reliable transport to the desired destination.